Did CoverGirl make the right choice for their cover boy?

It’s no secret that the Beauty and Cosmetics market is overshadowed by female products and role models. Last week however, American beauty brand, CoverGirl, made the news after revealing their surprising choice to be the latest face of the brand. For the first time in its 55-year history, a male star was chosen to represent the beauty brand - social media sensation James Charles.

The choice was nearly as bold as James’ eyebrows; but was it the right one?

Starcount has used its data science expertise to divide the UK Beauty audience into 8 distinct motivational segments, each with their own passions, aspirations, interests and influences.

Being an American brand, and a US-based social star, both CoverGirl and James Charles have a relatively small penetration into the UK Beauty audience. However, using our data to dive deeper, it becomes clear that the CoverGirl brand is particularly important for the Cosmetics passion group within the UK beauty audience, with our insights showing its penetration into the market is over 5 times higher than the UK beauty average.

As for whether James Charles was the right person to appeal to this audience, our insights reveal that the exact same can be said for his influence into the Cosmetics passion group, with his penetration being triple the UK average. This stat proves that he was a great choice for the cover, as both the brand and the star have predominately the same appeal - combining one of their key brands with a significant influencer means they have managed to hit the target audience from all directions.

What makes this even more exciting for CoverGirl, though, is the extra influence that James Charles has into the UK beauty market. While very popular in the Cosmetics segment, his impact doesn’t stop there. James also particularly resonates with the Beauty Vlogger and Make-Up techniques audiences, so by choosing him, CoverGirl has now opened up the possibility of increasing their scope into the Make-Up Techniques audience by up to 4 times, and their reach into the Beauty Vlogger audience by a massive 5 times.

These findings show how by making the controversial, yet carefully researched decision to use James as the first Cover-boy, CoverGirl has not only roused and retained its existing following, but may have also created a massive potential for growth, contouring their path into the lives of new and fresh-faced beauty consumers.


Covergirl has continued to raise the bar in championing minority beauty with yet another social media star becoming a CoverGirl ambassador. After the success of James Charles, will the new CoverGirl, Hijabi Beauty Vlogger Nura Afia, prove to be another winning choice in appealing to new and existing beauty audiences?

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 17.10.18.png

Naturally, we have turned to data for the answer, and it's saying yes! While Nura can't match James' penetration into the Cosmetics segment of the UK beauty audience, she still has double the UK average, and in case of any doubt, she more than makes up for it by being 1.4 times more influential among the Beauty Vlogger fans crowd and twice as important to the Make-Up Techniques sector than James Charles.