To regain their market share, VW need to regain their social presence

Volkswagen have had a tough time of late. A host of bad publicity has seen their market share in Europe slip from 12.1% to 11.1%. However, on social media, they’re still as popular as ever, with their share of followers amongst the automotive audience growing by +9% in the past 6-months.

Overall, amongst automotive consumers, Volkswagen are the 7th most popular car brand. This puts them firmly in the top ten, alongside Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, and other high-end car manufacturers.  Within a couple of key segments, they’re ranked higher still; being the most important brand amongst the Top Gear Celebrities audience and the second most important amongst Mainstream Cars. Together, these segments are worth almost 30% of the entire automotive audience.

To recoup their market share losses, there’s no question that Volkswagen need to work hard on rebuilding consumers’ trust: but, it’ll also be important to maintain their strong following - and strong growth - amongst their target audience.

That’s where our Consumer Insight Series can help.

We’ve studied what consumers within the automotive audience follow, revealing their shared passions, interests, and likes. For instance, within the Motorsport Fans audience - the largest by far of the automotive consumer segments - consumers love Playstation, Nandos, and the FA. Amongst Top Gear Celebrities, they are heavily influenced by John Bishop and James Corden, while the Automotive on TV segment love TV shows like Fast N’Loud and 5th Gear.

By analysing the brands, influencers, and media that are important to the automotive audience, we’ve discovered what motivates different types of automotive consumer. It’s these insights that inform the marketing strategies of brands - like Volkswagen - helping them to become more consumer-centric and, as such, increase their appeal to their target customers.

It’s an approach we’ve repeated across a number of different industries - and an approach that helps our clients with their media planning, creative process, brand messaging, digital strategy, and much more besides. Our Brand Rankings website gives a taste of what we offer and allows anyone to explore some of the topline data that forms our industry segmentations. Have a look at fashion, beauty, or automotive and get in touch, if you have any questions.