Edwina Dunn is one of Investec's Restless Spirits

Starcount CEO Edwina Dunn has been announced as one of the faces of Investec's Restless Spirit campaign.

Dunn was chosen for her 'tenacity, drive and vision' - the qualities that have led to her becoming a pioneer in the world of data science.

In an interview for the campaign with Vanity Fair London Editor, Henry Porter, Dunn speaks of how sudden unemployment motivated her to succeed: "When I was fired, one of my overriding thoughts was 'I'm really going to show you that you missed something'."

Dunn then went on to co-found  dunnhumby with her partner, Clive Humby. The business began as a two-person start-up and grew to a $750m global organisation, after using pioneering customer insight to help Tesco double its market share in a year. 

Now at the helm of Starcount, Dunn has turned her attention to social data, using motivational segmentation to understand consumers through their passions, influences and aspirations.

"The modern day data scientist is the storyteller", she tells Porter. "The art of creating powerful stories or commercial stories from the data is going to get more honed. That's really exciting."

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