Customer Centricity and the Future of Banking

Enjoy this exclusive extract from Dr. Clive Humby's white paper on the future of banking.

The banking industry is facing its biggest shakeup in two hundred years.

A myriad of factors such as an increase in regulatory scrutiny, the deregulation around traditional structures, the explosion of FinTech companies, and market volatility caused by major socio-economic and political events such as Brexit are causing significant disruption across the financial landscape. A perfect storm is brewing and, while it may be daunting, it's also an unprecedented opportunity for change and growth within the sector.

Digital and technological advances are driving banking innovation, with the industry being forced to respond to customers' changing expectations. In order to thrive in this new world order, banks need to create a customer experience that meets the demands of the modern consumer. How do they do this? By making better use of data and insight to build a new customer-centric business model. 

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