Passions, Mindsets and Motivations: the key to understanding emotional loyalty

Read an exclusive extract from our new white paper on motivational segmentation, written by Dr. Clive Humby and featuring insight from Dr. Donal Simmie, Dr. Davide Donato, and Glynn Davis.

The Big Data revolution is here.

Technological innovation is happening at seven times the rate it once did, bringing with it a ceaseless flood of data about who we are, where we live, and what we do, buy and love.

Today, businesses and organisations across society rely on data to stay relevant and fuel growth. Yet, the vast majority of businesses struggle to truly understand and capitalise on the sheer volume of information at their disposal.  

Leading the charge towards greater digital understanding is one of the dunnhumby founders, Clive Humby. Combining maths and creativity, he illuminates the patterns in customer data and weaves stories out of insights, with a real and remarkable effect on business growth. Having transformed the global data landscape by taking customer insight from ‘you are the job you do’ to ‘you are where you live’, and then to ‘you are what you buy’, Humby is now leading data insights company Starcount to pioneer a new approach: ‘You are what you love’. 

By understanding consumers through their drivers, passions, mindsets and motivations, we can reinvent data strategy and help brands to become truly customer centric.

Decision-making will never be the same again.

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