When Tiffany met Lady Gaga: A perfect fit?

When speaking of Tiffany & Co., a particular face inevitably comes to mind: the wide-eyed Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, serene in a black dress and pearls as she eats her croissant outside the luxury store. Despite the film being released 56 years ago, Hepburn is still Tiffany’s most famous icon and is almost single-handedly responsible for the air of New York glamour and understated elegance that’s synonymous with the brand to this day.

It’s perhaps the pervasiveness of Hepburn’s image that makes Tiffany’s new choice of brand ambassador so surprising: pop singer Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga Tiffany.jpeg

Bold, outspoken and often deliberately provocative, Lady Gaga appears the antithesis of Hepburn’s quiet sophistication. However, when the first images from the campaign were released, the brand’s strategy became more clear. With her usual outrageous attire replaced with a simple black top and trousers, and pieces from the jewellery brand’s new collection adorning her neck and wrists, the singer appears the picture of luxury style. The website describes both Gaga and the new Tiffany collection as ‘elegantly subversive’, indicating that the brand is hoping that partnering with Gaga will modernise their traditional image.

While it remains to be seen how successful this strategy will be, we’ve dived into Starcount’s data to explore how well Gaga’s fans match up with Tiffany shoppers, and to understand exactly what each stands to gain from the other.    

Tiffany & Co.’s Audience

While an encouraging 41% of Tiffany UK fans are also Gaga followers, Lady Gaga is the 91st most important influencer to the Tiffany audience – a respectable ranking, but not high enough to make her an obvious choice to represent the brand.

When we look at musicians alone, Gaga is the 34th most important artist to the Tiffany audience, with Beyoncé, Pink and Alicia Keys all appearing higher on the list. On the other hand, all three of the aforementioned singers have fallen in popularity with Tiffany fans in the last six months, dropping by 2, 6 and 13 places respectively. Gaga, however, has increased her importance rank by 10 places in the last month, demonstrating the effectiveness of this collaboration for the singer’s profile amongst luxury consumers.

Lady Gaga’s Audience

Only 3% of Lady Gaga’s UK fans follow Tiffany & Co; this may be due both to the singer’s high number of followers and to her particular popularity amongst younger audiences who are driven more by influencers than by brands, and so sit outside Tiffany’s target demographic.

It’s not all bad news for Tiffany. The jeweller is the 35th most important overall brand to Lady Gaga’s following, and the 22nd most important fashion brand to the group. However, unlike Lady Gaga’s climb amongst Tiffany followers, the jewellery brand has fallen 11 places in importance over the past month, and is now 95% as important as it was previously (replaced by luxury watch retailer Omega).

Audience Passions

 While they may be driven by different priorities, Starcount’s insight reveals that Tiffany and Lady Gaga fans have some major interests in common. The two groups share half of their top 20 passions, including Cooking, Reality TV Shows and Celebrity Gossip. Both groups also love reading women’s magazines, with a 55% overlap between their favourite titles.

How well do Tiffany and Lady Gaga resonate with luxury consumers?

Despite their differences, the radial chart demonstrates that Tiffany & Co and Lady Gaga speak to the luxury audience in very similar ways.

The significant overlap between the jewellery brand and the singer implies that Gaga was a good choice to front Tiffany’s new campaign, as the two seem well aligned in the eyes of luxury consumers. However, Tiffany’s elongated spike into Affluent Cosmopolitans and Gaga’s into Family Day Trippers is also telling, indicating that both brand and influencer have space to grow into new audiences where the other holds sway.