Love is in the numbers: Social data's take on Love Island

If you haven’t heard the terms ‘Muggy’ or ‘Tuna melt’ this summer, then clearly you have been living in the lower disused parts of the Underground. The explosion of the show over the course of the last two years has been incredible, especially considering how little viewership it experienced in its first season in 2015. So, what does this all mean, social media wise, for the stars of the show, the gaggles of fans and most importantly, the brands associated with ITV's Love Island?

To find out, we turned to Starcount’s data gurus to see what was really going on behind the Love Island explosion...

Infogrpahic jpeg.jpg

As the third season comes to an end, brands are already lining up to get a piece of the action in 2018. But will their sponsorship bring the followers? Only time will tell.

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