Starcount's science of purchase and intent

We all know and understand the power of transactional data. Being able to track your customers' spending habits, to allow you to build up a picture of how you expect them to continue to spend with you, has been around for decades.

We should know.

Starcount's founders, Edwina Dunn and Clive Humby, were at the heart of this revolution when they created the Tesco Clubcard. Customer transaction data is still absolutely essential to a strong marketing strategy, but there's a whole new world of digital data out there which opens the door to more insight and the ability to see into the future.

Imagine being able to overlay and enhance all that rich, functional, transactional data with everything your customers love, follow and engage with on digital and social channels, to help you to give your customers the very best experience possible in the digital age. This is where the concept of emotional loyalty comes in.

As consumers, we follow, engage and interact with brands, publications and individuals that ignite our passions, that make us happy, that stir up our emotions, that motivate us to get out of bed and make a change to our lives. Starcount's Observatory can now uncover this information to give you the power to get to know your customers as if you know them personally. Learn how they perceive your brand; benchmark your competitors to see where you're winning and losing; understand what your customers love more than you and how all this changes over time; in short, get to know what really motivates and inspires them.

This is the future of customised and personalised marketing. You are what you love.

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